Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are U my Home?

Walking alone following the light.
The light hurt my eyes, Home.
Can see nothing.
I am blinded, Home.

Got a lot in my head to tell,
Nobody listening, Home.
They are too busy.
I' am mute now, Home.

Morning looks so beautiful, Home.
Trying to sense the morning air,
I'm choked, can't breath.
I' am faint, Home.

When this head seems overload I turn to you, Home.
When I' am too tired to follow this "no where" road,
I can relax my feet with you by my side, Home.
Home, you always has someting nice to say to comfort me.

Are you my Home?
Where I can close my eyes to see beautiful light.

Are you my Home?
Are you a place, where I can rest my head.

Are you my Home?
Where I can get my morning air.

Are you my Home?

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