Monday, February 28, 2011

Question from the Guy Inside Me

Yup, This guy lately often visiting me any time he likes, he doesn't care weather it's the right time and place to pop me a question. When he feels he want to ask me question, he just pops up and pose me a question. Ya, just like that! I don't mind about he is questioning me, I mind about the process to get the answers, for as always, after the question, there will be discussion between us following. Tiring long discussion to be precise. yawn

You know what I hate most. He always be the right one, and I am the person should be locked behind the jail. It just like, his question only a test for me, a test that he already know the answer, and he just trying to remind me that he's the angel, I'm the Devil. Devil

So, the last question he asked me was "What is your Dream Job?". Auch, it like a blow on the stomach, cos I don't know my self, and I never plan to have a dream job. Every body have a dream, that's for sure. And I am sure I have a dream job, it just I can let it out of my head. Should I call a psychiatrist, to help get my dream job out of my head? or should I check again on my past-box, to trace back the path I already passed. I am sure along the path I passed there was sometime I think about my dream job.

I'll answer the question... you just wait. Cos I won't fail this time! Gym

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